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The Backstory

Thank you for joining me in and reading my blog. The journey of writing this children's book started many many years ago when I started telling my kids bedtime stories and we had 2 pet betta fish.

I told my kids hours and hours of bedtime stories and they kept asking for more! I had to start reading and researching and developing the plot in my head and then making sure it was entertaining enough for my very critical children.

They loved the adventure and education as well as the humor from the very beginning so I kept it going. Once we got to chapter 70 and then 90 and then 100, my wife, Amita, thought that we better start keeping track of what was going on in the story so we wouldn't forget the story!

It started getting complicated and there were new characters with new personalities that came and went.

About 2 years ago, we started seriously thinking about how to publish these stories and that is when the REAL work started... AND the REAL adventure!

In honor of Amita's birthday this weekend, the ebook will be free this weekend only. Click here to redeem.

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Ralph Bietz
Ralph Bietz
19. Mai 2022

Finally a children's book that is educational, safe to share with your family, and fun for all ages!!!

Gefällt mir
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